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We offer a full selection of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Medical Case Management.  

Academic Testing
Testing to determine an individual’s spelling, mathematics, reading comprehension, and reading levels.  Often times these tests will detect certain developmental disabilities.  


  • Initial VR Assessment - Documents the injured worker’s transferable skills, educational background, and work interests.
  • Depression Assessment   
  • PTSD Assessment

Early Intervention / Job analysis

On-site Job Analysis provided as soon as possible after injury. We work with the employer to identify modified or light duty return-to-work options. We then coordinate communication with employer and physician. We provide the physician with a video of the modified or light duty work with a detailed report for the physician to review and sign off on.  Work as part of team, returning the injured worker back to work more quickly, even before full recovery. For employers we can also provide a job analysis of any position with recommended changes for a safer working environment.

Educational Support

Testing to determine work interests, values, and aptitudes. Provide resources for additional education & training along with follow up.

Ergonomic Assessments

Evaluation of the individual(s) work environment to include the workstation and peripheral work locations where the employee performs essential and marginal job functions.  This can be done for an individual that has been injured and requires accommodations or for new and existing employees to optimize the workstation and help to deter potential injuries.  We provide recommendations for modifications of work process, physical functions, environment, equipment, etc.

Expert Witness Testimony

Provide expert vocational testimony on employability, wage potential, job availability, education/training potential, SSDI eligibility, and other vocational issues

Job Search / Development

Assist the injured worker with identifying current job openings and arranging interviews. Includes resume and cover letter preparation.

Job Seeking Skills Training

Instruct the injured worker how to: complete job applications, successfully interview, respond to employers’ questions about their disability and any required time away from work, along with follow up on applications.

Labor Market Survey 

We contact a random sample of employers, during a specific time frame within the injured worker’s area. The employer is questioned regarding current job availability, salary, and requirements for positions.

Temporary Transitional Employment
Placement into a temporary work environment to help the injured worker learn new job skills, regain self-confidence, obtain current work references, and eventually evolving into return to permanent employment.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Analyze the injured worker’s employment history, test results, medical records, educational levels, and physical capabilities in order to identify alternative potential occupations.  

Vocational Counseling 

Career related counseling with the injured worker to explore interests, aptitudes, values, and abilities. Part of this includes career exploration involves utilizing the COPSystem.   

Vocational Testing

Testing to determine academic levels, career interests, values, and aptitudes.  We utilize the Wide Range Achievement Tests and the COPSystem.

Wage Earning Capacity Analysis

This is an expanded version of a labor market survey.  Typically used with Expert Witness services. The final report includes the vocational assessment information, transferable skills analysis, a detailed labor market survey, and a determination regarding the injured workers wage earning capacity.

Defense Based Act

We provide vocational assessments and labor market survey reports under the Defense Based Act.   Click on the below link to read a article about some of the vocational rehabilitation consulting work we do under the Defense Based Act. https://www.tangiersinternational.com/understanding-job-markets-in-some-of-the-worlds-most-dangerous-countries/

Medical Case Management

·      Case management

·      Injured worker contact/meetings

·      Ergonomic assessments & job modifications

·      Job analysis

·      Attend professional appointments 

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