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Are You Worried You'll Be Limited For The Rest Of Your Life Due to Chronic Pain?

Do you feel you're just sitting on the side lines, not really living? You turn down invitation after invitation because your pain is unbearable.  Do you take so much pain medication that you feel you’re in a fog but yet you still have pain? You think how I can live the rest of my life like this. If this sounds like you, please know that you are not alone.  People all over the U.S. are struggling with chronic pain and every year the amount of people living with chronic pain from injury, illness, and lifestyle increases.  Yes, increases.

Would You Like to Live An Active Life Again?

You don’t have to sit on the side lines.  You don’t have to keep turning down invitations from friends, family, and colleagues, just going through the motion of life.  You don’t have to live in a medication induced fog.  I know this from personal experience and the experience of the countless clients that I have helped during the past 15 years.

So why is chronic pain increasing?  Our lifestyle and diet, especially in the U.S., contribute to chronic pain as do many other factors.  So, I developed a program that I have been using successfully for over 15 years.  It is holistic and addresses the different factors that can contribute to your chronic pain.  It is tailored to you and your unique pain not a cookie cutter approach because you and your pain are unique.    

But My Pain is Too High & My Doctor Says This is the Best I Will Ever Feel!

Doctors are good at what they do. But many general practitioners are not knowledgeable about how different areas of life may affect your chronic pain because that is not their specialty.  Surgeons specialize is surgery. So, they know the surgical correction process and the types of medications to help elevate pain.  When pain relief is not found with medication, treatments, or surgery, many individuals with ongoing chronic pain are referred to a Pain Psychologist who walk you through visualization exercises and work on “cognitive distortions.”  That is a start but it is not typically enough to deal with the level of pain most individuals have.  I have clients that come to me after seeing a pain psychologist for six to twelve months, sometimes even longer and they are skeptical and feel hopeless.  Time after time I hear that the doctor’s and Pain Psychologist did not help.  They were just given narcotic pain medication that does not fully take away their pain and sent on their way to live the best they could with their pain.  So how can I possibly help?  

I'm the first to admit that my program is not easy.  It takes commitment.  Serious commitment.  There are several lifestyle changes that need to happen and you may be resistant to them, most of my clients are at first. But every client that really commits to the changes typically finds some pain relief.  Often substantial pain relief. I’m not saying I am a miracle worker because I’m not.  I can’t guarantee any outcomes.  But I have not had one client that didn’t find some level of pain relief from my program when they fully commit to it.

The Proof is How You’ll Feel in 60-days After Fully Committing to the Program

Again, I can’t make guarantees because it is all dependent on your willingness to commit fully to the program and each person is unique.  I developed this program 15 years ago and it has helped every one of my clients that fully committed to it to some degree.  Over the years I have added to the program but the base program has remained the same because it works.  Just a little about me.  I am a Nationally Certified Disability Management Specialist and licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I’m qualified to help you with your chronic pain along with any associated depression or anxiety.  My goal is to help you live the life you want!  So, my question to you is what happens if you don’t make a change?  You stay stuck where you are, not really living.  What happens if you do take that first step and make a change?  

You have a chance to live the life you want and deserve!  What are you waiting for?  Call (616) 238-2116 or email today to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation or just skip the consultation and schedule your first appointment. What is it worth to you to have a reduction in pain?  

Please note, we do not bill personal medical or mental health insurance. However, you can check with your insurance company to see if they offer reimbursement.  We do bill workers compensation or auto no-fault insurance with prior approval in writing. 

Contact our office for costs.  

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Real Testimonials

While we always relay to clients that we prefer they don't write testimonials due to privacy concerns, sometimes they still post them on the internet.  Here are just a couple currently out on the web:


Posted by anonymous on September 18, 2012 on superpages

I saw Melissa, my therapist, for chronic pain management and anxiety. She was so patient and kind, trying different techniques until we found ones that worked for my issues. I used to have daily anxiety episodes but since ending my therapy almost a month ago, I have only had a couple anxiety attacks and now I have the tools to get through them. I am now living my life and not letting my pain and anxiety keep me disabled. I highly recommend this therapist!

Posted by anonymous on July 23, 2012 about Life Transitions Therapy LLC

Pain Management

My doctor wanted to drastically lower my pain medication dosage. My therapist really helped with my pain management so I was able to continue to function in my daily life.